Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Dozier School for Boys in Florida

Otherwise known as The White House.

If you know what this is about, I would just want to ask you please to pray and agree with me:

Dear Father God,

You have said that you are a champion of the orphans and the fatherless.
You have said that you are a defender of the innocent and that your son Jesus also said, let the children come to me.

We ask you in Jesus' name to send your angels to work on this place of torment. Send your army to save these children and to create a miracle in that school. We pray Lord for your will be done. We pray that you will save the innocent and quickly hear their prayers.

We pray for healing and salvation for all the survivors.

Lord this house of horror is still standing today. We pray for the Holy Spirit to visit on that place and do a great miracle there.

Lord God many children are there, have gone there or are going there because they have no parents to look after them, or their parents failed them.

Rescue them Lord and make your presence known to the children. Please send their guardian angels to rescue them.

Take them up quickly to your bosom. Remove them from the hands of evil men.


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